MissionTo support dental professionals throughout their careers and improve the oral health of our community. 

Vision: To be the voice of dentistry and advocate for the oral health of the community.

Core Values: Inclusion, Integrity, Influence, Professionalism, Service 

In 1869, a small group of dentists in San Francisco founded the San Francisco Dental Society.  It was the first component of what came to be the California Dental Association. The Society, founded as a professional membership organization, is the united voice of dentistry and oral healthcare in the community. Through its many committees, programs and activities, the Society meets the goals for which it was originally established.

The San Francisco Dental Society has grown into a successful dental society with 1100 plus members and forms the local component of the American Dental Association and the California Dental Association. The society represents approximately 75% of all the licensed dentists in the City and County of San Francisco and collectively exemplifies the SFDS mission of promoting the oral health of the community and is the recognized resource for dental professionals in the City and County of San Francisco.  The San Francisco Dental Society supports only the highest ethical practice of dentistry and works to improve the standard of dental care for the public.

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Success Plan 2020-2022

Strategic Goal I: Foster a vibrant, engaged and informed member community

  • Increase member engagement and investment in SFDS (i.e. programs, services, events)
  • Develop and implement recruitment and retention strategies based on data
  • Support members in achieving their professional success

Strategic Goal II: Ensure a healthy, reputable and sustainable organization

  • Identify and develop a pool of potential volunteers to ensure a leadership pipeline
  • Ensure the long-term fiscal health and sustainability of the organization
  • Ensure the governance structure and processes support the needs of the organization and its members

Strategic Goal III: Engage in advocacy efforts that support the mission of the SFDS

  • Develop and maintain relationships with strategic dental and non-dental organizations in support of our organization and advocacy efforts
  • Promote SFDS PAC activities on behalf of SFDS members
  • Promote awareness of local issues and regulatory changes impacting dentistry and small business

Strategic Goal IV: Promote oral health education and volunteer opportunities in the community

  • Increase volunteer engagement in SFDS supported activities
  • Collaborate with other organizations and agencies to provide diverse community volunteer opportunities for SFDS members