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Be a Part of Something Great!

You, as an SFDS member, have an opportunity to contribute your energy, knowledge or expertise for the betterment of our organization and our profession. Committee work provides the pulse for responding to the ever-changing issues that we face today, a chance to anticipate needs, and an opportunity to help shape our future. Plus, we'll make it easy for you to participate!  In an effort to streamline, consolidate, and make better use of your time, the majority of SFDS committee meetings are virtual meetings.

It is the goal of the SFDS to provide opportunities for you to get involved in your professional organization, to keep you involved, and to respect your time so that no one has too cumbersome a job (including the president). We understand that you need the majority of your time for your practice and your family. So...with that said...please consider becoming an active member of an SFDS committee.



Committee Volunteer Applications - 2024 Opportunities
Committee Interest Applications and 3-Page CVs are accepted October 1 – November 15
There are no applications available at this time. However, SFDS will be accepting applications for 2024 committee positions October 1 – November 15, 2023. For questions, please email



Each year every volunteer leader must read the SFDS Conflict of Interest (COI) & Confidentiality Policy Document (below) and agree to comply fully with the terms and conditions. If you become aware of any actual or potential conflicts of interest at any time following the submission of this form, or if the information provided becomes inaccurate or incomplete, you are required to promptly notify the SFDS Executive Director, President or Board of Directors of SFDS in writing.
•    Review this Conflict-of-Interest document SFDS Conflict of Interest Document
•    Then submit this online Disclosure form On-line SFDS Conflict of Interest Form



Be a Part of Something Great!

Community Dental Health Committee
Ethics Committee
Finance Committee
Legislative Committee
Membership Engagement Committee
Nominating Committee
Professional Development Committee
Task Forces - Task forces are one year only; they will have an assignment and/or task to do as defined by the board of directors and report back to the board with the solution, results and/or, proposal. Task forces are assigned by the board as needed throughout the year.



Our goal is to identify and evaluate the strengths of all interested applicants so we can assign individuals to positions where they can best serve our membership and our profession, as well as maximize their own professional growth and fulfillment. To help us achieve this goal, we ask that you:
•    Submit this On-line SFDS Committees Interest Form October 1- November 15.
•    Provide a list of your accomplishments in a C.V. (not to exceed 3 pages). Please note that if your CV is longer than 3 pages, only the first 3 pages will be provided for consideration.

Again, thank you for your SFDS Committees Interest Form and interest in serving your profession. CDA Trustee positions selected by separate process.