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What Do You Do When A Member Of Your Team Tests Positive For CV-19?

Jul 5, 2023

Covid cases are on the rise in the bay area and some of your dental team members are reporting they have tested positive.  What do you do next?  When an employee reports symptoms or a positive CV-19 test:

  • Send employee home immediately and/or ask them to remain at home
    Record on your CV 19 Employee Tracking Form (visit CDA)
  • Were other employees exposed?
  • Offer CV testing at no cost to employees if exhibit symptoms or exposed in the workplace
    • If testing positive, did exposure occur in the workplace?
    • If yes, notify affected individuals
  • Employers of 5 or more must report to employee’s positive CV 5esst within 3 days to your workers’ comp carrier

For more information about an employee testing positive, visit CDA: When an Employee Reports Symptoms or a Positive CV-19 Test