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Build Long-Term Relationships

Let us help you build long term relationships with San Francisco’s dental professionals. The San Francisco Dental Society is a professional organization with over 1800 dentist and dentist student members. SFDS is committed to helping our members succeed.  We offer high exposure to a specific audience.  If you work closely with dentists, or plan to, and want to expand your reach, consider one of the many opportunities we provide to connect with the dental profession. Let’s work together to get your name out there!


Our Audience

WHO they are...

 ⧫ 75% of dentists in San Francisco are members of the San Francisco Dental Society

 ⧫ 1040 Dentist Members

 ⧫ 800 Dental Student Members

WHERE they work & live...

⧫ San Francisco County, San Mateo County, Marin County, East Bay Cities


BY the numbers...

⧫ 1,100 Dental Professionals receive The Bridge newsletter

⧫ 90% of readers rate themselves as “satisfied” or higher with the content

⧫ 154 Years – the number of years SFDS has served as the voice for San Francisco dentists

⧫  800 Dental Professionals receive Bridging the Gap (BTG)

HOW you can reach them...

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