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SFDS Political Action Committee - The SFDS PAC is the nonpartisan political action committee (PAC) of the San Francisco Dental Society established in 1994. The PAC's mission is to support candidates and elected officials who understand and embrace SFDS' philosophy, goals and vision for dentistry, oral health care, and the challenges of operating small businesses in San Francisco. Contributing to the PAC allows you to have a voice WHERE YOU PRACTICE - not just where you live! BE INVOLVED!

SFDS Advocacy on your Behalf – Through the work of the SFDS legislative committee and board of directors, SFDS advocates for you, your practice, and the oral health of the community. Learn what we’ve been doing. BE INVOLVED!

Action Alerts – When we need your help to advocate directly, we will issue a call to action, with tips and tools on how you can BE INVOLVED! 

CDA Advocacy – Stay informed about CDA’s advocacy efforts at the state level

ADA Advocacy – Stay informed about ADA’s advocacy efforts at the national level