Mailing List Rental


The San Francisco Dental Society's mailing list is one of the most cost-effective means of promoting your company to the dental profession!




The San Francisco Dental Society mailing list may be rented by any member or nonmember mailing information that is:

  • relevant to dentistry
  • does not promote, market or otherwise solicit any programs or services that the SFDS provides to its membership unless otherwise specified in mailing list rental contract terms

Adhesive labels

Cost (all fees subject to change)
The San Francisco Dental Society currently offers the following:

  • Active Dentists Only $145 for SFDS members ($165 for clear labels), $225 for CDA/ADA members ($245 for clear labels),
  • Non-Members: $350 ($375 for clear labels), (approximately 600 names—these are practice addresses only; if a member receives mail at their home address, it will not be included in the provided labels)

This is a "flat fee"—you will not be charged extra for any breakdowns of the list.  Similarly, there is no discount offered if you would like only a specific section of the mailing list. Remember, if you would like the list broken down you will not receive as many names for the fee, but you will save postage and printing costs!

Turnaround Time
Your one-time rental order will be processed within 5 business days from the day we receive your mailing list rental contract and that we approve your materials for mailing.  Labels will be sent via United States Postal Service.  Should you need rush delivery (two-day service, including overnight delivery), please add an additional $50 to the basic cost of the label order.

Legal Notice
Labels are rented for one-time use ONLY.  No retention or reproduction is allowed in any form. The San Francisco Dental Society's list is "seeded" with "dummy names" in order to monitor improper use.  For full legal notice please see legal requirements on rental agreement.

Full payment must be included with any list rental.  The SFDS will not process label requests until payment is received.

The SFDS retains the right to approve all list rentals based on a review of the materials to be distributed, its relevancy to the dental profession and the product or program that is being solicited.  A copy of the piece to be mailed must be included with the list order.  The SFDS reserves the right to refuse to rent the list if it is not in the best interests of our Society.


Please complete the Mailing Labels License Agreement Form.


Any questions regarding the mailing list may be directed to the membership engagement coordinator at 415.928.7337 or e-mail at: