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(Subject to Change)


InvestmentYour Company Opportunity
$449 Per30-second Product/Service Promotional Video
30 second product service video played during a specified virtual or in-person CE Meeting
$449 PerStudy Club Sponsorship
30 second product service video promo played during 1 of 4 study club meetings & an opportunity to meeting with attendees per & post meeting.
$1,000Sponsored E-Mail Blast
Your company created content that SFDS will send to SFDS membership no more than two times on your behalf. No more than 12 opportunities each year (one opportunity each month), first come/first served. Maximum 3 opportunities a year per company/entity and content must be pre-approved by the Society.
$449 PerCocktails & Conversation – Quarterly Social Networking Events
Your company logo for each event promo. Max 2 sponsors per event, first come/first served.
$1,000Ask Me Anything – Early Career Dentist ½ Day Gold Event Sponsorship – Oct 21, 2023
Logo in event promotion materials. Recognized as Reception Sponsor. Topic Expert Table Host at event.  Recognition by SFDS at event. Post-event acknowledgement. Sponsor listing on SFDS.org linking to our website. Two (2) available, first come/first served.
$500Ask Me Anything – Early Career Dentist ½ Day Silver Event Sponsorship – October 21, 2023
Logo in event promotion materials. Recognition at event as Topic Expert Table Host. Post-event acknowledgement. 
$750Vendor Fair – 2024 Date/Location TBA
Table & Co Logo for event (Note: Free for Premier Sponsors). First Come, First Served. More information coming
 Annual Meeting 2024 Sponsorship – January 25, 2024
$1,500Gold Sponsorship
$1,000Silver Sponsorship
$750Bronze Sponsorship
 Logo in event promotion materials, Acknowledgment in The Bridge post event, Acknowledgement on the SFDS Website Calendar Listing for the event. First come/first served.  More information coming.
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Direct Mail - Mailing Label Rental
Mail directly to SFDS member dentists by renting our membership mailing labels. Each rental is for a one (1) time mailing only and labels will be provided. All advertising must be in the best interest/benefit to our membership and requires pre-approval. SFDS reserves the right to reject any advertising.

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